Mobile Apps

AIU is serious about putting you in control of when, where and how you work on your degree. AIU offers a suite of free mobile apps to online students to take their classrooms on-the-go, making their online education as convenient and flexible as possible.

Students may access several of the most commonly used features of AIU Online’s Virtual Campus, including:

  • Viewing course descriptions, outcomes, and outlines
  • Viewing course assignments
  • Checking discussion boards
  • Checking grades
  • Viewing announcements
  • Viewing faculty information
  • Contacting faculty

Additional features to help keep you connected to your coursework include:

  • Adding course assignments to your calendar
  • Receiving notifications when a grade is posted to an assignment and/or course

iOS Application

Students who use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may download the AIU Mobile iOS app.

Students who may want to access the AIU Virtual Campus from an iPad may download the AIU Mobile HD app.

Android Application

AIU Online students who use a Google Android-based device may download the AIU Mobile Android app.

American InterContinental University promotes technology in education to incorporate learning conveniently into your everyday lifestyle. And because you're always on the go, your education at AIU goes with you.