The Program in Depth

Uncover the fundamentals on how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud with industry-relevant core classes plus electives in accounting, criminal justice and information technology. Our in-depth program can help prepare you for opportunities in the forensic accounting industry.

You Can Learn How to:

  • Apply teambuilding and leadership skills as well as employ methods to improve decision-making.
  • Utilize quantitative tools to analyze contemporary business functions and practices.
  • Execute the concepts and principles of finance, economics and accounting to make effective decisions in the global business environment.
  • Apply current operations and marketing management practices and principles used in the business world.
  • Examine the implications of technology and Internet on today’s businesses.
  • Recognize and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts in today’s business environment.

Some Courses You'll Take

At AIU, more of your program courses will be focused on this specialization than at other similar schools. For Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Forensic Accounting, your classes include:

  • Auditing

    This course presents concepts of auditing, outlining the standards and practices of today's auditors, and preparing students to perform the Integrated...

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  • Accounting Information Systems

    This course focuses on the study of concepts and terminology of accounting information systems and their use in decision making in accounting and audi...

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  • Criminal Investigation

    This course explores the elements of investigation including crime scenes, witnesses and evidence, and includes such topics as investigative technique...

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Course content subject to change

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