Transfer Credit Guide

At American InterContinental University, we realize our students may be enrolling with past credits that are eligible to transfer-in to their current degree program. Students who have past credits must submit unofficial transcripts for evaluation prior to beginning the first term of study. Our guide explains in more detail what the general policies are for evaluating and awarding past credits.

  • Military Credit
  • Experiential Learning Credit
  • Professional Training/Certification Credit
  • Standardized Assessments/ Examinations
  • International Transcripts
  • Transfer of Credit from AIU to Other Colleges and Universities

    AIU neither implies, nor guarantees, that credits earned will be accepted by other institutions. Each campus has policies that govern the acceptance of credit from other institutions. Transfer of credit is a privilege granted by the institution to which a student may seek admission. Students seeking to transfer credits earned at AIU to other postsecondary institutions should contact the college or university to which they seek admission to inquire as to that institution’s policies on credit transfer and acceptance.

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    Transfer Policy

    Due to the accelerated programs at AIU Online, students must submit unofficial transcripts for evaluation prior to beginning the first term of study. Additionally, AIU Online students must ensure that official transcripts from all other institutions attended are on file with the University by the end of the first term of study. AIU Online students submitting transcripts from foreign institutions must have the official evaluation from a NACES or AICE approved evaluation service on file with the University before the end of the first term of study. Any degree plans or schedules are tentative and not guaranteed based upon the receipt of official transcripts and/or foreign credential evaluation(s).

    All other AIU students are encouraged to submit their official transcripts within the first term of study but must submit all official transcripts by the end of their first academic year.

    Following are general policies for the evaluation and award of transfer credit at each AIU campus:

    1. Only earned degrees from accredited institutions with articulation agreements with AIU can be evaluated for block transfer.
    2. All other official college and military transcripts are evaluated on a course-by-course basis in accordance with AIU policies.
    3. Only courses completed with a “C” (or equivalent) or above will be eligible for transfer credit. This assumes at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.
    4. Only courses representing freshman-level or higher collegiate, degree-applicable course work will be eligible for transfer credit which excludes pre college level or remedial level courses.
    5. Comparable course-to-course transfer may be approved from accredited institutions based on demonstrated learning competencies consistent with AIU’s academic policies and standards in lieu of credit requirements.
    6. Transfer credit from other institutions may not exceed 12 credits at the graduate level. Graduate applicants should contact the Student Affairs department for institutional policies concerning the transfer of academic credit.
    7. Students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs must complete a minimum of 25 percent of their degree program credits in residence in order to qualify for graduation from AIU. Students transferring to AIU under the requirements of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium into an associate degree program may transfer in a maximum of 75 percent of the required credits for graduation. Courses that do not apply toward program requirements may not be used in the calculation for residency.
    8. Notwithstanding the above policies and procedures, all transferred course credit is subject to review and approval by Academic Affairs.
    9. Any degree plans or schedules are tentative pending the receipt of official transcripts.
    10. Academic certificate programs have a transfer credit limit of two courses.
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    Transfer of College Credit and Prior Learning Assessment

    Transfer of College Credit

    In those academic programs that apply, transfer credit may be awarded at AIU from any United States institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. AIU will review transcripts from international institutions (see International Transcripts policy). Courses under consideration from another university or college other than AIU must be relevant and considered substantially similar to the coursework at AIU before transfer credit will be approved. This is required for all transcripts, including transcripts and/or evaluations from international postsecondary institutions.

    Prior Learning Assessment

    In addition to college credit earned at accredited postsecondary institutions, the following can also be evaluated for academic credit equivalency at AIU

    • Military Credit
    • Experiential Learning
    • Professional Training & Certifications
    • Standardized Assessments/Examinations
      • CLEP or DSST Examination
      • Course Challenge Examinations
      • Advanced Placement (AP) Examination
      • Other recognized examinations may also be evaluated at the discretion of the University

    Through AIU’s Prior Learning Assessment program, the University may award proficiency credit for learning that has taken place outside the traditional academic setting. This experience includes: employment, non-collegiate or school-based education, or other appropriate life experiences. It is important for students to understand that life and learning experiences alone are inadequate bases for the award of proficiency credit. To be eligible for proficiency credit, the outcomes of the non-collegiate learning experience must be documented, be applicable to the program of study, and be assessed as being similar to or meeting the requirements of learning gained through collegelevel learning experiences. Students must provide unofficial transcript(s) prior to the commencement of the first class. If the unofficial transcript(s)are not received prior to the start of the first class, the student will be required to take the appropriate coursework for that degree program.

    Students desiring to request credit evaluations or to learn more about the specific requirements for participation in the prior learning assessment program must contact the Student Affairs Department.

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    Proficiency Credit Awards for Prior Learning

    A proficiency (PR) grade is awarded for proficiency credit through prior learning assessment. The University neither implies, nor guarantees, that PR credits will be accepted by other institutions. Instead, PR credit demonstrates that students are proficient in the specific course requirement for the respective degree program of study

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    Law Enforcement Credit

    If you graduated from a law enforcement training academy you can earn 36 credits toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice

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    Military Credit

    AIU has established programs geared toward the needs of active servicemen, servicewomen, and veterans. Prior learning assessment credit for non-traditional and/or military education and experience is available through a variety of methods including:

    AIU’s MOS Promise program can help you receive maximum credit for your previous military training, saving you time and money toward your degree. Students automatically receive a certain number of credits based on their MOS level, plus any additional credits based on their other experience.

    AIU has partnered with the Community College of the Air Force to automatically accept credits to all CCAF graduates.

    AIU uses the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services as the basis for evaluating military training and experience. Official military transcripts are the only acceptable documentation for Military training, MOS, MOS level, and Service School credit. A DD-214 is considered acceptable documentation for those who are retired from the military or whose service predates the military transcript systems. For a list of other acceptable military documents that can be evaluated for military students whose service predates the military transcript system go to:

    For additional assistance regarding your military transcript,please contact the following:

    U.S. Army Human Resources Command
    1600 Spearhead Division Avenue Dept. 410
    Fort Knox, Kentucky 40122

    Navy & Marines
    Center for Personal and Professional Development
    CPPD ATTN: Virtual Education Center
    1905 Regulus Ave, Suite #324
    Virginia Beach, VA 23461-2009
    Toll-Free: 1-877-838-1659, Fax: (757)492-5095

    Air Force (Mail Only)
    Community College of the Air Force CAF/DESS
    100 South Turner Blvd.
    Gunter Annex, AL 36114-3011

    Coast Guard (Mail Only)
    Commanding Officer (ve)
    USCG Institute
    5900 SW 64th Street, Room 228
    Oklahoma City, OK 73169-6991

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    Experiential Learning Credit

    AIU awards undergraduate course credits for experiential learning that has been acquired through employment, non-collegiate,school-based education, or other appropriate learning experiences. Life and learning experiences alone, however, are inadequate bases for the award of experiential credit. In order for such learning to be considered for this credit award, it must:

    • Relate specifically to lower-level coursework required for the student’s enrolled program of study or appropriate elective areas
    • Result in experientially attained and mastered competencies that are appropriately documented and substantially similar to the course outcomes that would be acquired in the comparable lower- level AIU course
    • Students must start the process for this credit evaluation by contacting their Student Advisor, Prior Learning Assessment Specialist or Academic Advisor
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    Professional Training/Certification Credit

    Many adult learners have acquired formal training outside the sponsorship of credit-granting institutions, such as military training or company training with officially documented clock hours/continuing education units (CEUs). Many of these programs carry ACE recognition and credit recommendations and will be accepted according to AIU academic credit equivalency requirements. Other documented training measured in clock hours, CEUs, or other units may be evaluated for prior learning assessment credit awards based on appropriate credit conversions

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    Standardized Assessments/Examinations

    CLEP Examination

    The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program of credit by examination to obtain recognition of college-level achievement. AIU is a registered CLEP credit-granting institution and students should consult to find CLEP examination centers in their areas. AIU awards proficiency credit for comparable coursework based on CLEP examination scores as recommended by ACE for the respective course requirements. Students must submit a copy of an official CLEP score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

    See the AIU Student Handbook for more information on submission requirements for CLEP Examinations.

    DSST Examination

    DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) provide another option for students to demonstrate competencies for learning in nontraditional ways. Originally designed for military servicemembers, DSST examinations are now available to both military and civilian learners. More information on study guides and examination options is available at getcollegecredit.

    Proficiency credit is awarded for passing scores according to ACE recommendations for the respective course requirements. Students must submit a copy of an official DSST score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

    See the AIU Student Handbook for more information on submission requirements for DSST Examinations.

    Advanced Placement Examination

    Advanced Placement (AP) Examination provides students with the opportunity to complete college-level coursework while in high school and to learn valuable skills and study habits for college. If a student achieves a qualifying score of a 3 or higher on the respective AP Examination, proficiency credit is awarded according to ACE recommendations for the respective course requirements. Students must submit a copy of an official AP score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

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    International International

    International institutions must be licensed or officially recognized by the Education Department or Ministry of the country where the institution is in operation to be eligible for transfer of credit. Because AIU follows strict policies concerning academic integrity, international students with foreign educational credentials must submit authentic foreign academic documents from all upper-secondary and post-secondary educational institutions to AIU or an approved credential evaluation service

    Evidence of valid foreign educational credentials can be from a University approved foreign credential evaluation agency. Additionally, credentials may be accepted in pre-approved circumstances with a written evaluation from a properly trained credential evaluator employed by the University. Any forged/altered academic documents will be retained as property of the school and not returned to the student. This is required for all transcripts, including transcripts from international secondary schools if provided and/or institutions of higher education, which may require a credential evaluation. The Student Affairs Department will ultimately verify and/or certify the institution’s eligibility for transfer credit or degree equivalency. Several credential evaluation services are available to students. Services which are either conducted by AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers), a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc.), or a member of AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluation Services, Inc.) are acceptable services. Contact the Student Affairs Department for a listing of such organizations. Students are responsible for all applicable fees.

    See the campus Student Handbook for more information on submission requirements for International Transcripts.

    For detailed information, download our Transfer-in Credits Guide.

    AIU neither implies, nor guarantees, that credits earned will be accepted by other institutions. Transferability of credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. Not all credits are eligible to transfer. See the University catalog regarding AIU’s transfer credit policies. Students seeking to transfer credits earned at AIU to other postsecondary institutions should contact the college or university to which they seek admission to inquire as to that institution’s policies on credit transfer and acceptance. AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary. Find employment rates, financial obligations and other disclosures at

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