Personalized Career Coaching for Professionals

Receive coaching to help you get where you want to be with AIU's Serious Advantage Career Series – a personalized online career planning program. This online career preparations series is available to AIU students and alumni at no additional cost. AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Each five-week online course in the Serious Advantage AIU Career Series is designed to help you:

  • Understand the job market and learn how to research companies
  • Network with professionals in your industry
  • Understand your soft skills
  • Create an effective resume and social media profiles

Serious Advantage AIU Career Series Courses

Here's what you can learn in each of the four five-week Serious Advantage AIU Career Series courses:

  • Course 1: Create a career search plan, identify your skill sets, find out what employers want and learn how to overcome obstacles in your path.
  • Course 2: Get to know what employers can offer you by researching companies, interviewing a professional in your field and understanding how to market your soft skills.
  • Course 3: Build your resume, cover letter and social media profiles with the help of a professional certified resume writer. You'll also practice how to answer tough interview questions.
  • Course 4: Find out how a professional mentor can help you grow your career and discover career resources that may help you continue moving forward.

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AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Classes Start April 1, 2020