Dr. Diane Lark, University Program Dean for the School of Information Technology

Dr. Diane Lark has been with AIU since 2003 and has functioned in numerous Information Technology (IT) roles throughout her career spanning over twenty years. She was employed by Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Digital Equipment Corporation and Argonne National Laboratory and served in multiple roles such as systems architect, project manager, IT consultant, technical trainer and programmer. Her doctorate, graduate and undergraduate degrees are in Computer Science. Her specific focus areas were web site performance, networking and artificial intelligence.

As someone who earned her academic degrees on a part-time basis, because she was working full-time and traveling about 50 percent of the time, Dr. Lark values the various models offered by universities to afford non-traditional students opportunities to pursue their degrees, and she understands the challenges adults face when pursuing their academic credentials.

“Today, strong technological platforms, or online environments, are employed as support mechanisms for a vast number of students,” Dr. Lark says. “The online environment serves students by providing a virtual classroom for those who may not have:

  • The time or the resources to attend classes in a traditional classroom environment;
  • Direct access to faculty with industry knowledge who can guide students in mapping concepts to personal experiences;
  • Tools that aid in knowledge development and rich content for every sort of learning style.

"Online education opens the doors for many who otherwise would be unable to better their situations through knowledge and credentials."

Dr. Lark’s publications include:

  • Lark, D. T., Lidinsky, W. E., and Evens, M., “WWW Simulator Validation”, Proceedings for High Performance Computing Symposium, Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference, pp. 251-257, April 2002, San Diego, CA.
  • Lark, D. T., Lidinsky, W. E., and Evens, M., “Simulating Web Workloads”, Proceedings for 3rd International System Administration and Networking Conference, pp. 133-144, May 2002, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Lark, D. T., Lidinsky, W. E., and Evens, M., “Self-Similar Network Traffic Simulation”, Proceedings for Third International Network Conference, pp. 113-121, July 2002, Plymouth, United Kingdom.
  • Lark, D. T., “Self-similarity Sensitivity Analysis in Web Traffic”, Dissertation, 2002, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Lark, D. T., “Combating Plagiarism and Promoting Academic Honesty”, Poster presentation, Sloan-C International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning, May 2008, Carefree, Arizona.

In her spare time, Dr. Lark enjoys cooking, growing her own herbs, swimming, hiking and bicycle riding.

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