Table of Contents

Quick Start Guide

View or download an abbreviated reference guide that covers the 10 most valuable features AIU Mobile offers, pathways to the most frequently accessed areas of the online learning experience, and comparisons that help you decide which resource to use: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

1. Introduction

1.1 What is AIU Mobile?

AIU Mobile is a mobile application created for smartphones and tablets that allows you to login to the AIU Virtual Campus via most Apple mobile devices and access your student ID, current courses, grades, instructor feedback, as well as complete and submit assignment work.  AIU Mobile combines some of the best features of the Virtual Classroom to help you stay connected with timely notifications and manage your education on-the-go. 

Which devices support AIU Mobile?

You can install AIU Mobile on most mobile devices (iPhone 4S and newer, iPod, and iPad) that have iOS 8 and newer operating systems. 

How AIU Mobile Works:

AIU Mobile connects to the AIU Virtual Campus via the Internet and allows you to login for access to your current courses via the AIU Virtual Classroom.

AIU Mobile offers you:

  • At-a-glance convenience: course and university tasks at your fingertips, access to course materials and assignments, and academic progress within reach
  • Real-time notifications: grade status updates, essential learning activities, and due date reminders
  • Enrollment tools: Know exactly where you are in the enrollment process with checklists that help you stay on task up through your first week of class
  • Streamlined views: one-click access, easy organization, fast navigation, and access to key university personnel like instructors, Student Advising, and many more
  • Education management for busy people: sortable tasks, add assignments and due dates as events to your device’s native calendar, and update your student profile picture

How much does AIU Mobile cost?

AIU Mobile is available to AIU students at no additional cost.

1.2 How to Install AIU Mobile:

  • On your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, open App Store.
  • Tap the Search icon.
  • Enter AIU Mobile in the search field.
  • Select AIU Mobile in the search results to go to the app page.
  • Follow the standard installation procedure.

2. Finding Your Way Around

2.1 Logging in to the Virtual Campus

Login using the same Username and Password you use to login via a laptop or desktop computer.

Tapping the Remember Me button will allow AIU Mobile to remember your Username. To keep your Student Profile secure, you will need to enter your Password each time you login.

2.2 App Overview

The AIU Mobile interface consists of a Home view and a Menu view.  Key areas of the Menu view appear in the navigation ribbon along the bottom of the screen.  All other areas of the Menu view can be found by tapping More in the right corner of the ribbon. 

2.2.1 Home

Offering one-click convenience, a series of preview sections offers snapshots of important insights for the current session.

  • Starting School (for online students only):View where you are in the enrollment process and use the checklists to manage your enrollment tasks.
    • The 4 tasks under Enrollment Process are automatically checked off by AIU as they are completed.
    • Tap View Student Checklist to see additional self-managed checklists. As you complete each one, tap on the circle to mark as complete.
  • Degree: View the progress you’re making in your degree program.
  • Classes: View your current grades, assignment statuses, and number of days remaining in the term.
  • Upcoming Tasks: View (as applicable) upcoming and past due assignments, payment reminders, and other important deliverables.
  • Motivation: Each day, find new motivation to stay determined and achieve your educational goals.
  • Contacts: Top three university contacts are just a tap away by email and/or phone. Additional contacts and departments can be found by tapping the Contacts icon in the navigation ribbon at the bottom of the screen.


2.2.2 Classes

In addition to the summary of your classes in the Home view, Classes takes you directly to each Virtual Classroom.  Tap Classes in the navigation tray at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Course Info: View a summary of each course or tap ‘View Course Info (PDF)’ to see additional course information on your mobile device. As AIU Mobile accesses a PDF, it might take a few moments longer than a typical screen change. Your carrier’s standard data usage charges apply when not accessing the PDF over a wireless network.
  • Class Assignments: On the first tab, your assignments for the entire term will be displayed.
    • Sort assignments by All, Upcoming, Graded, or Due Date.
    • Graded assignments will show the grade and points you earned.
    • View instructor feedback by tapping ‘Feedback.’
    • Access Discussion Board assignments by tapping ‘Discussion Board’ where you can read, post, and reply to others’ posts.
    • View Individual Project assignment details with AIU Mobile; to ensure APA formatting requirements are met, complete and submit Individual Project work from a laptop or desktop computer.
    • Access to intellipath assignments is available, though only on iPads and may not be fully functional based on the individual assignment.
  • Announcements: On the second tab, your class-specific instructor announcements will be displayed.
    • Sort announcements by Current, Dismissed, or Due Date.
    • Current announcements appearing in bold text are new and unread.
    • Current announcements appearing in regular text have been previously opened and/or read.
    • To dismiss a current announcement, slide the announcement to the left and tap ‘Dismiss.’
    • To mark a current announcement read, slide the announcement to the right and tap ‘Mark as Read.’
    • To read a current announcement, tap on it and click the X in the upper right corner of the announcement to close it.
    • Dismissed announcements can be restored by tapping, sliding to the left and tapping ‘Restore.’
  • Meeting Times: your class-specific meeting time (including live chats) schedule can be viewed and entry into a scheduled meeting time is possible.
    • To enter a scheduled Live Chat, it must be ‘In Session’ at the scheduled time.
    • To view and participate in Live Chats download and install Adobe Connect Mobile, a free, third-party app. The first time you enter a Live Chat, ‘Enter as a Guest’ and AIU Mobile will register you on the same mobile device and connect you to future Live Chats directly.
    • Viewing archived Live Chats, you must have a mobile web browser which supports Flash installed on your device. See section 3.3 for more detail.

2.2.3 Assignments

Within each class, tap on an assignment to launch various, convenient functions.

  • Assignment Overview: View a synopsis of the assignment and access assignment objectives.
  • Details: View a detailed description of the assignment.
  • Scenario: View the assignment grading rubric.
  • Learn: View general course materials. While access to M.U.S.E. content is possible in some instances, it is best to access M.U.S.E. from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Read: View e-textbook chapters recommended for each assignment and access your e-textbook through AIU Mobile.
  • My Work: Access Discussion Boards and Individual Projects. Access to intellipath assignments is available when using AIU Mobile on an iPad only.
  • Assignment Description: View important instructions to support your successful completion of the assignment.

2.2.4 Tasks

Conveniently located in one location, all your Current and Dismissed tasks can be found on two tabs.

  • Integrated with your mobile device’s calendar, tap Add to Calendar to open a new appointment window, prepopulated with the most important details.
  • Dismiss tasks by swiping a task on the Current tab to the left and tapping Dismiss. Restore a task by swiping a task on the Dismissed tab to the left and tapping Undo.

2.2.5 Contacts

Important AIU contacts are grouped together, just tap the appropriate icon to send an email or place a call.

  • My AIU Contacts includes your Student Success Coach, Financial Aid Advisor, Admissions Advisor, and Career Services Advisor.
  • Class Instructors includes your current instructors and their individual office hours. As your classes change with each new term, this section will automatically be updated for you.
  • AIU Departments includes descriptions and hours of operations for key university departments.

2.2.6 Notifications

Notifications have been designed to support you throughout your AIU learning experience. Grant permission for AIU Mobile to send you notifications and stay up to date. Turn notifications on or off in Settings > Preferences > Push Notifications.

  • Vital notifications will appear outside of the app on your device’s home screen in addition to appearing in the Notifications Center of the app.
  • Reminders and other helpful messages will appear inside the app in the Notifications Center.
  • On the Home view, look for the school bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen to see how many new notifications you’ve received since you were last logged into AIU Mobile. Tapping on the bell icon will take you to the AIU Mobile Notifications Center to view all notifications you have not dismissed or that have not expired. Most notifications are set to automatically expire in 7 days.

2.2.7 Settings

Access your digital student ID, upload or change your student ID photo, set app preferences, refer a friend to AIU, find user Help and FAQs, and provide feedback, all within Settings.

  • Profile: Access your digital student ID; upload or change your student ID photo
  • Preferences: Turn AIU Mobile notifications on or off
  • About
  • Help
    • FAQs: Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about attending AIU.
    • How to: Find help to technical questions about the AIU Mobile app.
  • Feedback
    • Shout out for AIU Mobile: We want to hear from you; your feedback lets us know what you find most useful about the AIU Mobile app.
    • Suggestion for AIU Mobile: Be honest, if something about the AIU Mobile app doesn’t meet your expectations, we want to know and we want to know why.


2.2.8 Bookshelf

Access the books and reference materials for your classes in the Bookshelf, available in the “More” menu.

  • Your current classes will appear in list form on the Bookshelf main page. Within each class listing, you’ll see an orange link called “View Book.” Click on this link to launch book.

3. Course Work

3.1 Connecting with your Course Work

Course work is an interactive and engaging part of every class, from interacting with instructors and classmates to expressing yourself in the assignments you complete. At AIU, you control what, where, when, and how you learn, so you’re less likely to be standing still and more likely to be learning something new. With AIU Mobile, your active lifestyle is what we had in mind when designing features that make learning anywhere a rewarding experience.

  • In addition to the Home and Menu view, from the Class view, find the most important features, Discussion Boards, Individual Projects, Course Materials, and Meeting Times.

3.2 Accessing Scheduled Live Chats

To access a scheduled Live Chat, it must be in session. The first time you access a Live Chat via AIU Mobile, select ‘Guest’ to enter, type your first and last name, and tap the ‘Enter’ button. AIU Mobile will remember you on the same device every time thereafter.

If using your device’s native dictation feature to contribute to a Live Chat in session, your device may mute the audio stream from the Live Chat until you’ve completed dictating. After completion, the audio stream will be restored.

In the event, the Adobe app crashes during your participation in a Live Chat, return to AIU Mobile and re-enter the session as you previously did. To optimize your experience, it is recommended that you close all non-essential apps that may be running on your device during the Live Chat session.

Please note that Adobe Mobile Connect is not associated with or endorsed by AIU. Use of this and other third-party browsers is subject to their terms of use.

3.3 Archived Live Chats

Archived live chats are available on the mobile app. These chats are usually available on the app 4-6 hours after a chat has ended. To view a chat sooner, log into your virtual campus from your desktop.

4. Support

4.1 In-app Support

Located in Settings you’ll find a wealth of information by tapping Help and FAQs. Help provides user support related to functionality of the app. FAQs are frequently asked questions about attending AIU.

4.2 Technical Support

The AIU Technical Support team is available to help you around the clock, every day of the week. Call 877-221-5800, option 2.

4.3 Username and Password Support

If you forget your Username or Password, tap the link on the login screen of AIU Mobile or visit the login screen of the AIU Virtual Campus from a laptop or desktop computer and click ‘Forgot username and password? Please click here.’

Three unsuccessful login attempts will lock access to the AIU Mobile app. Wait one (1) minute for the app to unlock before making another attempt.

4.4 Feedback

At AIU, we understand the value of self-improvement and there’s no better way to learn about areas of opportunity than to hear from students like you. Have an idea about how to improve the AIU Mobile app experience? To share your thoughts, tap Settings and swipe up to display Submit App Feedback and choose Suggestion for AIU Mobile or Shout Out for AIU Mobile.

Not in the app, but still want to share your thoughts, send us an email at

5. Third-Party Apps

5.1 Adobe Connect Mobile

First-time users will need to select Guest’ when accessing a scheduled Live Chat. See section 3.2. The Adobe app will automatically reorient the view on your device to landscape/horizontal. In the event an instructor has made a Live Chat private, an advisory screen will appear in the Adobe app. No action is needed on your part. Once the instructor has accepted the request for you to join, you will automatically be redirected into the Live Chat. Once in the Live Chat, you will see a condensed version of the laptop/desktop computer version. The icon next to your name in the Attendees pod will show a mobile device, indicating you are attending the Live Chat using AIU Mobile. A variety of view formatting options are available through the Adobe app.