Nicole Watts Alumni Referral Grant

Nicole Watts earned three degrees at AIU: her Associate of Arts in Business Administration, her Bachelor of Business Administration, and her Master of Business Administration. Learn why she chose AIU for her online business degrees.

How did you hear about AIU?

I was interested in online education because I worked full time and had a family. I attended a different online university for one semester and did not like the organization of the class or class work. I then decided to try AIU and liked everything about the online class process.

What made you choose AIU?

I like the class structure and my advisors were very helpful.

What inspired you to earn your degree?

I started my degree after high school but did not complete traditional school. I made a promise to my grandmother that I would complete my education.

What challenges have you overcome to earn your degree?

It has been difficult going to school and being a single parent. My children are my inspiration, but also require my time and attention. I have learned to walk with my computer to accommodate their needs and my commitment to earn my degree.

What was your time at AIU like?

I have enjoyed my time at AIU and learn to balance my time for work, life, and school. The professors have helped and responded to my needs as needed. I have also participated in a charity event promoted by the Business Club; it’s been a great learning experience.

What was your most memorable experience at AIU?

After completing my associate degree in business in 2005, I was left with a balance because of a scholarship not coming through as expected. I was unable to pay the debt because I was unemployed at the time. I decided to return to school in 2010. I was very excited to get started and actually completed my bachelor’s degree in business with a $0 balance. This allowed me to continue on to my online MBA degree which I completed in 2013.

Were you working while attending AIU?

I worked 40hrs or more a week while attending school.

What are the most important skills that helped you get to where you are?

The skill that has helped me the most is, understanding. Also knowing what is expected and making a plan to get it accomplished. Understanding what you are doing and why; I think provides for the best results in any situation.

Why did you refer someone to AIU?

I referred my sister so we could complete our MBA’s at the same time. She also attended a different online university, which didn’t provide breaks between classes. AIU’s class structure is much easier to understand.

How do you feel knowing that AIU has a grant under your name?

I’m very excited and humbled. I was glad there was a scholarship to assist my sister with tuition. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to help someone achieve their goal of education.

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