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One-Year MBA Degree at AIU Atlanta

Your education may not have to interfere with your life — and at American InterContinental University (AIU), our accelerated one-year MBA speaks to this. Our 12-month programs offers students the opportunity to attend class in person at our Atlanta campus, online or both. All the while, you can enjoy the support of career services resources, industry-experienced faculty, and the online resources AIU offers, including access to the AIU Online Library and intellipath®, our personalized learning platform.

AIU’s online MBA programs offer the flexibility of working on a degree at your own pace. One year may be all the time you need to take the next step in your education.

Flexible 12-Month MBA Programs

The accelerated MBA at AIU is designed to be convenient and comprehensive. Our 12-month MBA programs with business-focused specializations are structured to provide a thorough understanding of each subject.

We offer one-year online MBA degrees in the following specializations:

Accounting Specialization – An MBA in Accounting online is meant to help accounting managers develop strategic leadership techniques and gain a global perspective on economics and financial management.

Finance Specialization – An online MBA in Finance is designed to provide you an opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of business, economics, and financial management, and teach you how to leverage that understanding to contribute to a global business strategy.

Healthcare Management Specialization – By earning an online MBA in Healthcare Management, administration, leadership, and even the role of politics will become your focus, designed to help you prepare and develop the skills to direct healthcare services in settings big and small.

Human Resource (HR) Management Specialization – An online MBA in Human Resources is designed to provide you with an opportunity to build a deep understanding of how the human element works within a business — and how it can be maximized. You’ll have the opportunity to learn to acquire and develop and retain talent with an eye toward making a business thrive.

Management Specialization – AIU’s online MBA in Management is designed to provide you with the tools to help you manage effectively in the business world, developing leadership in the context of knowledge about economics, quality management and the daily realities of a business.

Marketing Specialization – Earning an MBA in Marketing online should provide you an opportunity to understand the way marketing affects nearly every business decision, you will also have the opportunity to explore methods for conducting market research and study brand management along the way.

Operations Management Specialization – Earning an MBA in Operations Management online should help you develop skills to enact efficient change in the way a business — or aspects of a business — work. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the leadership qualities necessary to be effective, too.

Project Management Specialization – When you work toward an MBA in Project Management online, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about how to maximize the work of teams in a business environment — how to motivate people, how to develop efficient processes for tasks, and how to complete projects within both time constraints and budgetary limitations.

Technology Management Specialization – Do you love technology and constantly seek new ways to leverage it in business? Do you want an opportunity to develop the skills to help businesses make the most of their tech resources and study how to manage a team with that aim? If so, an online MBA in Technology Management may be for you.

Explore a convenient way to earn your master’s degree. Learn more about American InterContinental University’s one-year online MBA programs.

Classes Start October 25, 2023