AIU Serious Talk: Where the Jobs Are in 2014


12:15pm Central Time

3 of the Fastest-Growing* Industries for today’s job market.

American InterContinental University presents an informative webinar that discusses the fastest growing industries in 2014 including Human Resource Management, Healthcare Management and Finance. Our panel will share their insights about these career fields, job growth and how to break into these expanding industries.

Panel Moderator

- Kristy Kotek, Director of Student Success, AIU

Our Panelists

- Kate Wollensak, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Morton Salt, Chicago, Illinois

- Vicky Gore, Business Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

*Source: United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Table 1.3: Fastest growing occupations, 2010 and projected 2020. Retrieved September 23, 2013 from:

AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.