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HOME   You’ll feel right at home using this easy-to-follow page featuring everything AIU Mobile App has to offer.

ACCESS   Touch ID allows you to log in on your phone with just a touch of your finger or 4-digit pin code.

NOTIFICATIONS   Real-time notifications with grade status updates, essential learning activities and due date reminders appear on your device screen to help you stay ahead.

CLASS   Get to class at the press of a button. This handy feature enables you to listen to your professor’s lecture, whether you’re sitting on a bus or standing in line at the grocery store.

COURSE MATERIALS   No need for a heavy backpack when you can find course materials on your AIU Mobile that provides everything from e-textbooks to Live Chat and more.

UPLOADS   Send paperwork faster and get on with your day. Send financial aid files, transcripts and other key documents to AIU in just seconds, so you never miss a deadline. View Upload Instructions.

ASSIGNMENTS   Write, post and reply to Discussion Boards whenever and wherever you go.

GRADES   Give us an A+ for coming up with a feature that allows you to access your GPA and grades instantly.

PROFILE   Left your AIU Student ID at home? No worries, snap a selfie and create your student profile right on your mobile device.

WATCH   AIU's Mobile App: Education at Your Fingertips.

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