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HOME   You’ll feel right at home using this easy-to-follow page featuring everything AIU Mobile App has to offer.

ACCESS   Touch ID allows you to log in on your phone with just a touch of your finger or 4-digit pin code.

NOTIFICATIONS   Real-time notifications with grade status updates, essential learning activities and due date reminders appear on your device screen to help you stay ahead.

FINANCIAL AID   Check your FA status - and even upload FA and other required documents - easily, securely, conveniently.

CLASS   Get to class at the press of a button. This handy feature enables you to listen to your professor’s lecture, whether you’re sitting on a bus or standing in line at the grocery store.

COURSE MATERIALS   No need for a heavy backpack when you can find course materials on your AIU Mobile that provides everything from e-textbooks to Live Chat and more.

ASSIGNMENTS   Write, post and reply to Discussion Boards whenever and wherever you go.

GRADES   Give us an A+ for coming up with a feature that allows you to access your GPA and grades instantly.

PROFILE   Left your AIU Student ID at home? No worries, snap a selfie and create your student profile right on your mobile device.

WATCH   AIU's Mobile App: Education at Your Fingertips.

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