AIU Online Outcomes

AIU Online has graduates all around the world, and the University is proud of the outcomes that these graduates have achieved. We regularly seek our students' and alumni's opinions about AIU services and programs. Here are some examples of the feedback we have received.

Student Satisfaction

AIU utilizes surveys to determine the level of student satisfaction with University services and programs.

Chart: AIU Online Student Survey

AIU prides itself on the quality of support services that we provide to students, and it shows in our students' survey responses. Student feedback is an important factor in ensuring the continuous improvement of our processes. In student surveys conducted in 2014, 90% of respondents said they were satisfied with their overall experience at AIU Online; 92% told us their instructors demonstrated strong knowledge of the course content. That's high praise from the people we value most - our students.

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Student Experience

AIU Online surpasses competitors in the services we provide. In our quest to ensure student success in the classroom, students must attend an orientation prior to starting their courses. 94% of AIU Online students replied that the student orientation effectively prepared them to understand and navigate how to use the Virtual Campus.

Chart: AIU Online First Session Survey

A two-question survey was sent to all students in May 2014, asking them to rank on a scale of 0-10 how likely they are to recommend AIU Online to a friend or colleague (0 represents not at all likely; 10 represents very likely). 61% of current students responded with 9 or 10.

Chart: AIU Online Student NPS Survey Results

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Alumni Career Paths

Career preparation is a major focus of the AIU mission, and a key part of the classroom experience.

We survey employers of AIU graduates annually, and these employers often agree that our students are prepared and effective in the workplace.

AIU Employer Survey

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