Admissions Resources

At AIU, we have streamlined the admissions process to make it as straightforward and simple as possible. The admissions resources on this page can provide helpful information on where to begin and what to expect once you begin the application process. We offer resources on how to meet the application requirements, a guide to online orientation and advice and tips for every step of the admissions process.

  • Admissions Checklist

    Admissions Checklist

    Use this checklist of tasks during the admissions and enrollment process and before classes begin to make sure you're prepared.

  • Admissions Requirements

    Admissions Requirements

    A step-by-step guide that will help make the admissions process as smooth as possible.

  • Advising Questions

    Questions to Ask Your Advisor

    What program is right for me? What's online education like? These questions and more to discuss with your admissions advisor.

  • Applying to College

    Applying to College

    For serious students seeking advice on what to look for when applying to schools, whether traditional or online learning is best for you and what to expect during the application process.

  • Admissions FAQs

    Admissions FAQs

    Ready to take the next step? Get your admissions questions answered in one convenient resource.

  • Online Learning Orientation

    Online Learning Orientation

    We're serious about your success. Our orientation guide will help you gain an understanding and familiarize yourself with the AIU Virtual Campus to get you where you deserve to be.