What Should I Ask My Advisor?

The following questions may be useful while speaking with an admissions advisor and can provide you with useful information about AIU admissions, tuition and enrollment.

  • What documentation do I need to complete the enrollment process? It is important to submit the required documents to AIU in order to prevent any delay in your enrollment.
  • I submitted my transcripts from another school/college to AIU. How can I get a copy of them? You may need copies of transcripts in order to apply for scholarships, grants, financial aid or jobs.
  • Where can I have my proof of high school graduation or college transcript mailed? Knowing the appropriate place to send a transcript can prevent unnecessary delays in the enrollment process.
  • Where can I find information on the different areas of study? It is important to gather information on the different courses and topics explored in various areas of study so that you can make a decision about what area is best for your goals and interests.
  • I have already earned credit at another institution. How much transfer credit will I get when I enroll at AIU?The amount of transfer credit you receive will directly affect how many and what classes you will be required to take.
  • I haven't started school yet and I have a conferred Associate or Bachelor's degree. Will AIU Online recognize my degree? Receiving recognition for a conferred degree could affect what level courses you can take.
  • What is the payment schedule for tuition and fees? It is important to know when your tuition and fees are due so that you do not get penalized for late payment.