Applying to College

At AIU we're committed to helping students build their confidence along with their credentials. Whether this is your first time going to college, or you've tried it before, we're here for you. We know you're serious about success. At AIU we're about getting in, getting moving and getting ahead. We provide an education that works around - and for - you. You'll benefit from our powerful specialized curriculum and a personalized education that lets you skip over what you already know and gain additional support from your professor when you need it.


  • Research AIU. Discover the breadth and scope of our undergraduate and graduate degrees by visiting our website. If you'd like to hear how others have moved forward by pursuing their degrees as well as see what our students have to say about their AIU experience, connect with us on Facebook or YouTube.
  • How to Pay for College. Determining how to pay for college can be stressful. There are a variety of funding options available to eligible students including scholarships, grants, financial aid and federal and private loans. AIU makes it simple with no hidden costs all books, materials and fees are included in tuition. AIU offers financial aid to those who qualify. For more information, visit our Tuition & Financial Aid page.
  • What Learning Style Is Best for You. Your education needs to fit into your already busy work-life schedule. When applying to schools, consider whether they offer learning options that work for you. At AIU, we offer flexible, efficient online degree programs. This means you will have 24/7 access to all your courses and materials in one centralized location online. If you prefer a traditional classroom experience, we offer courses at our AIU Atlanta and Houston campuses.
  • Career Services. AIU is seriously committed to your success and offers career assistance and support from the time you enroll through graduation and beyond. Our Career Services department specialists help you develop a job search strategy and assist you in specific areas where you'd like help.