Finish What You Started at AIU®

At AIU we understand that you work hard to balance your career, family and educational goals. We also understand that, sometimes, life gets in the way. Now AIU makes it even easier for you to return to AIU and pick up where you left off.

Our Re-Entry Advisors can help answer your questions about returning to AIU and connect you with a wealth of resources and student services to help keep you moving forward and focused on your future as you pursue your degree.

Talk to a Re-Entry Advisor: 877-701-3800 ext. 13782

Returning Student Admissions

AIU’s Re-entry Advisors can help you get back on track:

  1. Complete the Enrollment Agreement
  2. Sign general student and programmatic disclosure forms
  3. Complete any required financial aid forms

Once your application is reviewed and approved you’ll receive:

  1. Access to the Student Portal and Virtual Campus
  2. A new class schedule
  3. A new AIU degree plan
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