Returning Student FAQs

Is there an application fee for re-entry?

There is no application fee for returning students.

What happens with my financial aid?

Re-entry students will need to have the most current FAFSA completed before working with their Financial Aid Advisor. This version may or may not be the one you have on file, so please check with your Re-entry Advisor to ensure that your FAFSA is up to date.

Returning students will be assisted by an AIU Financial Aid Advisor specific to re-entry to clarify any questions they may have.

Do I have to pay for classes I didn't complete?

Charges are based on attendance in a 10-week term. The refund policy is in accordance with this billing practice.

According to this refund policy, all students will be charged according to their last day of attendance and the corresponding academic week that the last day of attendance falls into.

For more specific information, please refer to the refund policy in the AIU course catalog.

What class will I start with?

You will work with a Prior Learning Assessment Specialist upon re-entry regarding your degree plan and course sequence.

Can I change my degree program?

You will need to discuss this question with your Re-entry Advisor who can counsel you on an individual basis regarding your options.

What if I was dismissed?

Please contact your Re-entry Advisor to discuss if we can assist you with your return.

Dismissed students who wish to return to AIU for a future session must submit a letter of appeal for reinstatement into the institution, for review by the Appeals Board.