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MONEY MATTERS-powered by iGrad

We recognize the importance of providing students and alumni with relevant information when it comes to borrowing, credit scores, budgeting and more. In order to assist individuals in reaching their financial goals, all of our enrolled and former students have access to MONEY MATTERS, our financial literacy site that is available through the student portal. These links and financial resources are just a sample of the types of information available through the MONEY MATTERS link within the student portal.

Financial Literacy

Here you will find an ever-expanding wealth of activities, financial & student loan calculators, articles and videos with clever money-saving tips and games designed to turn you into your own financial guru while still having fun. Personal finance courses and webinars offer a quick opportunity to gain more understanding of many of the financial issues students face.

Resources To Help You

MONEY MATTERS offers an extensive array of tools and financial resources to help students master their financial situation. There are student loan and gas savings calculators, interactive games and links with further helpful resources on paying for college and personal finance. Visit the iGrad TV Video section for informational videos on student life and personal finance coaching. Additional tools can help you master the financial aid environment and test your student loan IQ.

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