Experiential Learning

AIU is committed to making your education as efficient as possible. If you have relevant experience acquired through professional employment or employment-related career experiences, you may be eligible to receive credit to fulfill degree requirements. In order for your learning experience to be considered for this credit award, it must:

  • Be verifiable and documented
  • Relate specifically to the objectives of courses taught at AIU
  • A demonstration of your mastery of specific learning outcomes of a course at AIU
  • Be evaluated by an AIU-employed subject matter expert to determine if your experience is substantially similar to the learning that occurs in a comparable AIU course

To start the process for this credit evaluation, Online students should contact the Prior Learning Assessment Office and Branch Campus students should contact their Program Chair. Your experience, via submission of a portfolio, will be reviewed by the appropriate subject matter expert and the Prior Learning Assessment Office to determine if all criteria were met.

See the AIU Student Handbook for more information on submission requirements for Experiential Learning.