Scholarships and Grants

AIU offers a variety of institutional scholarships and grants designed to help students cover the cost of their education. Students are eligible for these awards by meeting certain academic, personal, or professional criteria. These range from single-year grants and one-time aid packages, to recurring financial aid options that can be reapplied for future semesters throughout a student's educational career. While the supply of scholarships and grants is limited, students should always consider these financial aid options as a great way to subsidize the cost of their education, without having to incur long-term debt.

Download the AIU Grants Guide to learn more about the financial aid options available for students who qualify.

Alumni Referral Scholarship

AIU has established the Alumni Referral Scholarship as a way to recognize AIU Alumni and benefit their newly referred students.

Military Scholarships & Grants

If you are an active duty student, veteran or military spouse you may be eligible for a military grant AIU offers.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.