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AIU Career Services Tip: Registering on Online Job Application Systems is Not Always Enough

Civilianize Your Resume

If you have been searching for positions online, you may have noticed that some companies require you to register through their application system before you can actually apply for a position. Because this can sometimes be a rather lengthy process of entering in your contact information, education, employment history, and references, it can be easy to get the registration process confused with actually applying for a position. Follow these helpful tips to keep you on track.

Register, Then Apply

If you are viewing a position and have never registered on the site before, you will likely be taken to the initial registration page when you click on the link to apply for the job. After you have completed the registration, make sure you don’t miss that final application step. If you only complete the registration and never officially apply for the job, you will not be considered for it. Don’t let an oversight like this prevent you from finding your next position!

Take a Moment to Double Check

Aren’t sure if you applied? Log back into the application system. There should be a section you can click on that lists your application history. If no positions are listed there, you most likely have not completed the application process.

Learn more about the resources available through the AIU Career Services Department.