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AIU Introduces Self-Service Tool Powered by Students and Staff

American InterContinental University (AIU) has developed a new community-powered, self-service tool on the Virtual Campus that instantaneously puts information at students' fingertips. This new self-service tool allows students to:

  • ask a question
  • share an idea
  • report a problem
  • give praise to helpful staff members

Responses are provided by fellow students and designated subject matter experts from the university's staff.

AIU Introduces Self-Service Tool for Students to Enhance Online Learning

Where can I find the self-service tool?

The self-service tool is located on the Virtual Campus. It is located on the homepage under the “Help” tab in the top navigation.

What are the benefits for AIU students?

AIU students benefit by:

  • having on-demand, 24/7 access to university information
  • having an alternative means of communication with the university
  • being able to offer new ideas on how AIU can better serve our students

How does the AIU self-service tool work?

It’s simple. Students log into their student portal, click on the “Help” tab, proceed to the search box (in the middle of the page), and interact with the tool based on their needs. From there, students can review frequently asked questions, ask a question, share an idea, and more.

This new tool is another example of how AIU provide students with new technology to enhance their online learning experience. Learn more about AIU and our online degree programs.