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AIU Serious Talk: Getting the Interview that Gets the Job

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Whether you have a job now or are currently unemployed, getting an interview for your next career move can present some real challenges. In many ways, your job search has two parts: getting the interview and then getting the job.

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The first step: Network, network, network! Friends and family, people you work with or worked with - all these represent resources. And as you contact these people you should be able to enlarge your job search by developing additional contacts from the people you already know.

Next: Pinpoint your target! Whether you're looking for a job in your area of expertise or looking for new career opportunities, you have to determine which areas you want to pursue and then narrow down your job search. Say you've found a company where you might consider applying for a job. If you know someone who works there, ask him or her what the company is like, what type of management style to expect, etc. Your acquaintance may also be able to connect you to employee decision makers.

Finally: Another great source for information about a company is the internet, where you can locate thousands and thousands of companies' websites, which will often include the ability to apply for a job online. Plus, websites often give you a better sense of what the company does and what its products and philosophy are. You can also get an overall feel for the company.

You may find that your job search is a job in itself. But when it's done right, you have a chance to realize and maximize your career objectives.

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