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How Do I Get a Bachelor of Business Administration?

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Students entering college face a lot of unknowns as they set out on their own for the first time in their life. Mom and Dad are no longer there to make their decisions for them, and this includes big choices like which degree program to pursue. There are plenty of resources available to help students decide which degree program is right for them. Those interested in the general field of business may be considering a Bachelor of Business Administration, but may be unsure how to earn this degree.

A Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is like many undergraduate degree programs. Students interested in a BBA program will first have to complete a series of liberal arts coursework before entering into their BBA program. This coursework generally takes two years to complete and consists of courses in mathematics, science, and social sciences. As students get closer to becoming eligible for admission to a BBA program, it is time to start considering the necessary steps to earning a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Selecting a School

Not everyone enters college prepared to set off on the path to a particular degree program, and this is understandable. At the age of 18 few students know exactly what they want out of life, and this can make selecting a school difficult. There are two ways of approaching this process. For those who are certain a career in business is what they desire, it would be wise to examine the credentials and requirements of the business school offered at the institution they wish to attend. In some cases the reputation of a business school can outshine the greater institution.

The other option, for those unsure of their desire for a career in business, is to select a school based upon the merit of the greater institution. Regardless of the approach, it is important to keep a few overriding factors in mind when selecting a school. The cost of the program, class sizes, and the career services of any school are important to consider when deciding between different schools and programs.

Applying to Business School

When the time comes to apply to a given BBA program, it is vital to approach the admissions process in an organized manner. It is foolish to expect to get in at the last moment or submit a sloppy application. As soon as students decide upon a school and program, an application should be completed and submitted to the school. []

What to Expect

BBA programs offer all students in the program a general education based upon theories and principles used in the field of business. As students advance through their studies they have the opportunity to specialize their degree in areas such as finance, economics, or risk management. Although it is not the same at every institution, many students will need to complete 60 semester credit hours of coursework, to meet all the qualifications to be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration. []

Where to Earn a BBA

While a traditional four year college or university remains the most popular route for those earning BBA degrees, other options are becoming increasingly numerous as well. Students will find condensed programs available at some traditional schools, offering a quicker route to a BBA. There are also online, distance education programs available that bestow a Bachelor of Business Administration upon graduates.