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IT Tips for Protecting Your WiFi

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Wi-Fi Protection TipsDo you suspect that someone is using your WiFi without permission? Wireless Internet squatters can slow down your Internet service and corrupt your devices. Follow these guidelines to protect your WiFi network.

Is someone stealing my WiFi?

  • If your Internet is slow at certain times of the day or if your wireless suddenly disconnects, someone might be stealing your Internet.
  • Check your wireless network log for unwanted users. If you see more devices than you are using, someone else is using your WiFi.
  • Look at your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client table. This also shows the devices connected to your WiFi. If there are more than you have allowed, someone is using your wireless Internet without permission.
  • Download a program that determines who is using the wireless network.

How can I protect my WiFi from unwanted users?

Follow these tips to help protect your wireless Internet network. These suggestions can make it more difficult for unwanted users to access your WiFi.

  • Edit your security settings. Enable WPA or WPA2 and set up a key that will be required when users login.
  • Set your DHCP to manual and enter in only the devices you want to access your WiFi.
  • Assign your own IP address. Disable the router’s DHCP network and create your own IP addresses for your devices.
  • Install a firewall. • After you connect to the Internet, disable the SSID broadcasting option.
  • Purchase Internet monitoring software or use the one that came with your router.

If you follow these suggestions for protecting your WiFi, you can decrease the threat of unwanted devices accessing your wireless network.

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