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What is a Bachelor of Accounting?

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As students make their way through elementary and secondary school they inevitably find classes and areas of study they enjoy, and ones they despise. Without disparaging mathematics and other numbers-related studies, there are few students who have a deep love for math. For those few who do enjoy mathematics and like the challenge that comes from working with numbers, a career in accounting or finance may be a good idea.

Bachelor of Accounting degree is a quality post-secondary program for students entering college to consider, especially those who enjoy mathematics. Earning an accounting degree can be exciting for those who enjoy mathematical driven work. But what exactly can students expect from the degree program?

What to Expect

Going to college is a much different experience than high school. Students may attend just one class each day, they may attend three. For the first time they have the power to choose their classes and try to pick ones that match their life schedule. Some things will remain outside their control though. A Bachelor of Accounting degree is an undergraduate degree, and as such it means that students will have to complete liberal arts coursework in studies including science and social sciences.

Focused Coursework

After completing roughly two years of liberal arts courses students will begin to take accounting focused coursework as they pursue the completion of their Bachelor of Accounting degree. Focused coursework in accounting can include mathematics and statistics based courses, as well as specialized courses including accounting, business accounting, and finance.

Where to Attend

Modern technology is making it possible for students to attend courses without being physically present. Some college degrees can be earned without ever setting foot on a traditional college campus. It is possible for a student to earn a Bachelor of Accounting degree at both online campuses and traditional campuses.

Which manner of education works best will depend upon the individual student. Those coming directly from high school, or those with little family or work related responsibilities might find a traditional program easier. Students returning to school after years in the workforce, with a job to maintain and a family to provide for, may find online courses easier. While they can be more expensive, the individual student has greater control over when homework and assignments are completed, making it easier to attend school and work at the same time.

The Bachelor of Accounting degree is a typical undergraduate degree. By in large it takes four years to complete, though it can be done quicker at some online institutions. Overall, program length may vary. Conversely, it could take traditional students upwards of five years to complete due to other required coursework.

Earning an undergraduate degree is a good way to increase an individual’s career-focused skills. Like many other career fields, accounting careers often require a Bachelor’s degree to earn entry level jobs.