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Who Hires People with a Master in Business Administration?

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Most individuals who work in the field of business, and many of those considering a future in business, are aware of the Master in Business Administration. An MBA degree has long been viewed as a valuable tool in helping college graduates climb the corporate ladder to reach some of the top executive positions. It is not very realistic however for every graduate student seeking a Master in Business Administration to aim for a position as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or other top executive position.

By understanding the various industries wanting to hire MBA graduates, students will be better prepared to enter the workforce with ideas in mind for the positions and areas where they may be best prepared to succeed in their role. Everyone’s experience is different, and generally the following are a few examples of industries hiring students graduating from Master in Business Administration programs.

Information Technology

The field of Information Technology (IT) has been, and is expected to remain, favorable for this occupation through the year 2020. As more and more businesses rely on computer networks to run efficiently, and others seek to expand into mobile network markets, the IT field is in need of guidance. Computer and Systems Information managers have as fast as average growth expectations in the coming years, making it a great field for MBA holders. []

As an example, Verizon Wireless ranked as the third best company for new graduates to work for in 2011. showed Verizon Wireless in mid-2011 was seeking new hires in positions such as Software Engineers and Systems Engineers, both of which may require prior IT experience and can be gained with an MBA.

Construction and Manufacturing

The industries of construction and manufacturing have been hard hit in America during the last 30 years. As more and more companies automate their systems and incorporate computer systems, manufacturing jobs have disappeared. The recent economic downturn had its own negative impact on construction as the housing bubble burst.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities within both industries for MBA graduates. The U.S. economy received a modest boost on August 1st when the July jobs report showed manufacturing gained 6,000 jobs.


The world of high finances can be a frustrating one, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents are often required to have an MBA in order to break into the career field. Individuals in this career field monitor and analyze the market to help individuals and business make wise investing decisions. []

A Master in Business Administration is still a highly sought-after graduate degree among employers in the United States. The degree is versatile and used all over the world, and can offer a major boost to anyone’s career. The survey cited by in mid-2011 identified the five best companies for new college graduates to work for. The companies represented a wide range of industries, from technology to car rental services and financial institutions.

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