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How to Change Careers: 4 Tips from AIU BBA Graduate Carlos Morgan

Image: AIU Business Degree Graduate Carlos Morgan - How to Change Careers

AIU BBA graduate Carlos Morgan is the kind of professional who has always seen change as an opportunity. Over the course of his career, Carlos has served as a U.S. Marine, owned a real-estate investment firm and managed a fitness club, all with great success. In 2006 while interviewing with a recruiter, Carlos discovered his dream job - he enjoyed the interview process so much, he asked his recruiter, “How can I get your job?”

Carlos has been recruiting agency and corporate talent ever since. Today, he manages recruitment for office solutions giant Office Depot. Based on his own experience and success, we asked Carlos what career advice he had to share for those seeking a new job or looking to make a career change:

  1. “Work your brand and brand your work.” Branding yourself can be as simple as creating a unique profile statement for your resume or as intricate as launching your own full-scale identity campaign complete with coordinating resume, cover letters, website and a social media presence.
  2. “Know what you bring to the table.” This is another part of personal branding and important during interviews. Look at your skill sets, not just your technical skills but your soft skills, too. Know what you offer and how that sets you apart from other candidates.
  3. “Networking is the key to finding the right career and to getting into the ideal company.” Great ways to build your network include optimizing your social media profiles on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. (Don’t miss out on this networking opportunity either.) Candidates, especially those looking at a career change, should get involved with a professional organization and attend regular events and meetings. Seminars, breakfasts, networking events and conferences are all great ways to expand your network and improve your visibility.
  4. “Target your job search.” In order to launch a targeted search, assess what you offer and what you want. You’ll have more success going after positions when you have the qualifications, the confidence and the network connections to further your application.

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