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An Online Master's for Teachers: 8 Things You Didn't Know About AIU's New M.Ed. Programs

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You likely already know that earning an M.Ed. can be a great way to move your education career forward. Besides providing a deeper level of learning in your field, a master's degree can qualify you for rank-level increases and higher salaries. There are a broad variety of online master's for teachers available for educators to consider, but there are several factors that make American Continental University's new M.Ed. specializations stand out.

1. AIU's M.Ed. programs in elementary and secondary education are for certified teachers only.

Don't spend time and money learning what you already know. AIU Online's M.Ed. programs in elementary education or secondary education cater to experienced teachers who already have classroom experience. You can learn alongside other experienced teachers who share your passion for teaching and learning.

2. You can help your students explore the benefits of technology in the classroom by learning how to use it yourself.

AIU's M.Ed. with specializations in elementary and secondary education are among the few graduate-level M.Ed. programs to integrate adaptive learning throughout the entire curriculum.1 AIU's intellipath™ adaptive learning platform lets you skip over what you already know, so you and your professor can concentrate on what you need to learn. The platform works by assessing what you already know and creating a learning path customized to your needs.

3. The programs were designed by teachers, for teachers.

Education is a constantly changing field. Increased use of technology in the classroom, always evolving standards and new achievement tests require that teachers keep their skills current. AIU's new elementary and secondary education specializations were designed by teachers who understand the skills and technology today's educators need to help both serve their students and achieve their own professional goals.

4. You can learn from a faculty of industry specialists.

As an educator, you know firsthand how great teachers can enhance an education. At AIU, our professors are industry specialists who can share their real-world perspectives from working in and with school districts across the country, and they can work with you one-on-one when you need it.

5. The programs have no hidden costs.

That's right. At AIU, we respect your time and your money, so all required books, materials and fees are included in your program costs. That's the case not only for our Master of Education degrees, but for every degree program the university offers.

6. Capstone courses apply the skills you've learned in the classroom.

We know that learning happens even when you aren't studying or attending lectures. That's why we've created capstone courses that are designed to help our students put together all they've learned throughout their program and translate their skills and knowledge into real-world applications. For M.Ed. students, this means the opportunity to complete real-world activities that can benefit their own classrooms, such as creating a lesson plan that uses a brand new technology tool, or finding and applying for a small grant that could fund a new project.

7. The curriculum is built around today's classroom.
The education industry is constantly changing, and our graduate-level specializations in elementary and secondary education are designed to help teachers stay current. The new M.Ed. programs offer a comprehensive mix of informative and hands-on material for the modern-day teacher, with topics ranging from how to reduce bullying and encourage diversity to strategies for leveraging social media for learning purposes.

8. AIU's M.Ed. program can be completed online in less than 12 months.

As a teacher, you spend enough time in the classroom. AIU's online master's for teachers with specializations in elementary education and secondary education can be completed online in as little as 12 months - and at a pace that fits your busy life.

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AIU's M.Ed. program does not provide teacher certification. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.