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Apps to Help You Stay Productive during the Holiday Season

Apps for ProductivityAre you distracted by the excitement of the holidays? With upcoming time off and holiday celebrations, distraction is a common problem. But information technology has come to the rescue with the following productivity apps.

Google® Drive

Known as Google® Docs until a recent upgrade, Google® Drive allows you to create documents and edit them in collaboration with other users. Better yet, you can do it in real time. Use Google® Drive free of charge whenever you have access to the Internet and a Web browser. This app is ideal for anyone who needs to sync files and edit documents quickly. Work on the go as you balance your schedule with holiday festivities and a professional life.

Business Time™

This app is ideal for any professional who needs to track their time at work and measure costs. You can use Business Time™ to track the time you spend on multiple projects. You can also take advantage of simple invoicing capabilities. This free investment could prove useful as you save the money previously spent on untracked time. If you need a program to hold you accountable to your work schedule and time allocations, Business Time™ is for you.


If you’re an IT professional for a small business, it might be time to promote SohoOS as a valuable addition to your company’s software. This free bundling app pools all of your company’s management tools. You can create invoices, manage projects, process payments, report finances, and more, through one consistent format. Streamline your business’ workflow in time for the hectic holiday season.©

Do the holiday distractions have your creativity levels at an all-time low? Spice up your presentations with©, a cloud-based presentation app. You can create presentations through traceable paths and animation rather than the usual static slides. Find relief from creativity cramps during those boring company presentations by using this shareable app.

These apps can help you stay on track not only during the holidays but also throughout the year. Tanya MacNeil, Program Chair of Information Technology at AIU, Main Campus, explains that consumers are searching for technology they can use every day this holiday season.

As you use these apps for everyday tasks, just keep Ms. MacNeil’s advice in mind: “Do you passcode protect your devices? If not, do it now. Devices are at risk of being stolen as you travel over the holidays. . . . You want to ensure that your personal data is protected.” So keep your devices safe as you finish your work in time for the holidays with these popular apps.

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