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How a Bachelor’s in IT Can Help You

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If there was a college degree available that helped prepare individuals for a career in a growing industry, would people pass on that degree for something else? The field of Information Technology (IT) is second only to healthcare in terms of employment growth through the next decade. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the field of IT to complete the addition of 800,000 new jobs by the year 2016, with further additions to come by 2020.

Those who have strong math skills or an interest in computers and computer systems might consider a Bachelor’s in IT to help them break into the field of Information Technology. A Bachelor’s in IT can help graduates down the road in a number of ways, just a few of which are covered here.

Access to Career Paths

It is rare that a Bachelor’s degree is enough to open the door for graduates to career options that are steady and pay well, but that is exactly what a Bachelor’s in IT can do. According to the U.S. BLS there are as many as seven different career positions within the field of IT that require only a Bachelor’s degree for entry level positions.

The BLS also notes that each of these positions provides strong financial stability to those employed in the field. The median pay as of 2010 for all seven positions ranged from the mid-five figure range up to the low six figure range.

Busy? No Problem

Many adults find themselves in career fields that overtime they are no longer interested in or no longer see possibilities for advancement. No one plans for this to happen, but the market changes and career fields change with them. Those who are employed full-time and interested in the field of IT are in luck.

Yahoo! Education ranked the IT-related degree of Network and System Administration as one of the top five flexible degrees for working adults. Many Bachelors’ in IT programs can be completed online during “off-hours” for those working adults looking to change their career path. Joan Mitchell, director of public relations for Western Governors University, notes that IT degrees prepare those already in the IT field for advancement to higher positions. Additionally, Mitchell states that Bachelor’s in IT degrees help prepare those not already employed in IT for many entry-level positions in the field.

Make Yourself Trendy

Smartphone apps, mobile technologies, and the increasing prevalence of tablet devices are making the IT field incredibly trendy. Businesses are increasingly in need of individuals trained to work in the field of IT. According to Yahoo! Education, IT degrees are among the trendiest degrees in the marketplace right now.

Vicki Lynn, senior vice president of global talent recruiting firm Universum, notes that many companies are seeking individuals with a background in computers because of the heavy use of computers and network systems in the 21st century economy.

A Bachelor’s in IT is not going to have the same result for every individual, but for those with the talent and an ability to work with computers earning an IT-based degree may provide their career with a big shot in the arm.