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How Business Students Can Become Entrepreneurs While in School

If you’re passionate about business and entrepreneurship, you might not have to wait until you graduate to put your skills to use. Student entrepreneurship can give you invaluable experience while bringing in some extra money. Find out how business students can become entrepreneurs while in school by following this step-by-step process:

Step 1: Find a Need

If you want to start a business, you must have a unique selling proposition (USP). And to have a USP, you have to meet a need. What are some topics or industries in which you have expertise? Use your knowledge to hunt down true needs, and brainstorm ways to fulfill that need. Remember that your solution has to be a money-maker if you want to start a business. Avoid solutions that might only be considered volunteer work. Instead, find a fix worthy of your consumers’ money. If you wouldn’t be willing to pay for it, don’t expect others to be.

Step 2: Attract Interest

Your USP must gain traction. This step can be difficult because much is left up to the audience. But if your product attracts interest and you put in the work, you know your business can develop. When you run into challenges, be sure you’re doing these things before quitting your entrepreneurship endeavor:

  • Advertise through social media and a website
  • Build relationships and partnerships
  • Create customizable products

Step 3: Stay Committed

Once you’ve gained a following for your product, it’s important that you don’t relax right away. Continue to build a consumer base, advertise to your target audience, and create products. The first stages of a new business are critical to its future, so keep putting in the hard work.

Since you also have school obligations, remember to have fun with your new business. You can take it wherever you want, whether that’s a full-blown venture after you graduate or a short-term money-maker while you finish your business degree program. In either case, use your entrepreneurship opportunity as a way to build business relationships and gain real-world insight.