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Seven Benefits to Earning a Bachelor’s in IT

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Every decision has two sides that factors will fall on, benefits and drawbacks. For most people the benefits will always outweigh the drawbacks in any decision-making process. Some people will even choose one way or another despite drawbacks outnumbering the benefits, and a lot of that depends on how valuable those benefits are to the individual. Those considering the pursuit of an Information Technology (IT) degree should know ahead of time the benefits of earning that degree.

Earn it any Time

Does it really shock anyone to know that a Bachelor’s in IT can be earned online, anytime? It would be absurd not to offer a degree that provides skills and knowledge about computers, software, web development, and programming over the Internet. This format allows students to learn about the technology tools they are using every day and hope to continue working with throughout their career.

According to Yahoo! Education, an online degree in IT ranks in the top 10 degrees that can be earned online, anytime. Students in online Bachelor’s in IT programs can attend class whenever they want from wherever they want.


A Bachelor’s in IT is a flexible option for busy adults looking to make a career change. According to Yahoo! Education online IT degree programs allow those already working in IT, or those looking to break into the field, to remain employed and earn their IT degree during non-working hours.

Leading Career Paths

According to Yahoo! Education, a Bachelor’s in IT degree is one of the top six leading graduates into dynamic career fields. A degree in computing fields was highlighted as a top choice because employers are increasingly seeking out individuals with the skills in IT that will allow a business to leverage technology to help improve efficiency while decreasing costs.

Trendy Degree

Yahoo! Education ranked an IT degree as one of the top trendy degrees in 2012. Mobile app development and the increasing prevalence of computers in the workplace are making IT degrees, in particular, one of the trendiest degrees available. According to Yahoo! Education, citing a hiring survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 59.3% of employers are looking to hire these degree holders.

Skills Employers Want

The greatest benefit any degree can provide a graduate is a set of skills that employers are actually looking for in candidates. Computers, smart phones, and tablets dominate 21st century life and as a result companies need individuals who understand how this stuff works, how to manipulate, and how to make it work for business.

According to Yahoo! Education, 85% of respondents to a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) stated that their business was having trouble finding candidates with the skills to succeed in IT. IT degrees make graduates marketable simply because employers need those skills right now.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Not all IT-related degrees are equal. They all provide you with skills, and as we’ve seen some of those skills are in greater demand than others. Another big benefit to certain IT degrees is a competitive edge.

According to Yahoo! Education, a Bachelor’s in IT gives graduates the competitive edge they need in the workplace to outshine other candidates when applying for positions in IT.

Financial Stability

The demand for IT professionals is leading to higher salary potential as companies seek to hire the best and brightest candidates that can implement, manipulate, use, and repair computer technology. Yahoo! Education recently ranked the IT-based career field of Computer and Network Administrator as one of the top careers with high salary potential.

Often requiring a Bachelor’s in IT, administrators organize, install, and support computer systems for companies and the top earners can crack six-figures in salary, based on experience, geographic location and level of education. The median salary is just below six-figures.

No two individuals are going to experience the same success, even with the same Bachelor’s in IT from the same program. The traits, qualities and experience of the individual will contribute more to realizing all of these benefits, but many of them can be achieved without a good Bachelor’s in IT as well.