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Software Analysis and Development Specialization

If you’re interested in information technology but unsure of where it can take you, you’ve come to the right place. There are several specialization options when obtaining an IT degree. Decide if your interests are a fit, and find out what you can do with a software analysis and development specialization.

The Field

A specialization in software analysis and development could prepare students for the programming side of the information technology field. This can include the architecture of systems, Web services, networking, data communications, message services, application development, and quality control. If software is your technology interest, consider the following information about software analysis and development.

The Skills

The software side of IT requires practical knowledge of all the facets of software, from design to application. Students might gain the following IT skills from a software analysis and development specialization:

  • Applying software methods to business
  • Designing software prototypes
  • Implementing core software tests into development
  • Developing applications using programming tools
  • Integrating programming architecture
  • Analyzing software requirements
  • Testing and defining software for acceptance and support

By specializing in software analysis and development, students can prepare themselves for a diverse range of IT opportunities.

An IT professional with expertise in software development can be qualified for several IT opportunities based on the range of skills listed above. If you’re interested in learning software techniques to enter this field, consider AIU’s IT degree program.