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What Exactly Can You Do with a Bachelor of IT?

Image: IT professional on laptop. What Can You Do with a Bachelor's Degree in IT.

The most important thing for college students to keep in mind when deciding upon a degree program to pursue is the opportunity for employment after graduation. When picking between different degrees it is helpful for students to have an idea of the specific career fields available to graduates. Beyond simply knowing what job positions are available, it is useful for students to know what those positions require of candidates.

Those considering a Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) should learn ahead of time what they will be able to do with this degree upon graduation. With a variety of IT degrees available, there are a number of different career fields out there for graduates to pursue.

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Computer Programmers

It is the job of Computer Programmers to write the code that will create the software programs that computers will operate to conduct various business operations. Programmers work to turn the ideas of software developers and engineers into a reality, into instructions that computers can follow to run a program.

In order to become a Computer Programmer, students will need to earn a Bachelor of IT in the field of Computer Science. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) programmers can work in a variety of IT-related fields and in some cases need coursework related to their specialized field.

Computer Systems Analyst

Every company is constantly seeking to become more efficient and more effective in their operations. Computers have gone a long way toward helping companies achieve those goals, but even computer systems need to be watched for inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Computer Systems Analysts study computer programs and procedures and advise management teams on how to move forward in creating a more effective program for the business.

The U.S. BLS states that a Bachelor of IT in fields such as Computer Science and Information Science are the most common degrees for those employed as Computer Systems Analysts. Due to their involvement in business aspects, some analysts have business degrees or business coursework in their education as well.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

This career field is very hands on with computer systems, programs, and networks. Those employed in this field are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company’s computer systems and also work to install, organize, and support those systems.

According to the U.S. BLS, a Bachelor of IT in the fields of computer science and information science are the most common degrees among those employed in the field.

Database Administrator

Companies collect untold amounts of data during business operations. It can be information about customers, personnel, or inventories. This information has to be stored, organized, and made easily accessible to the right people. This is where Database Administrators come in. Database Administrators use computer programs to store, organize, and disseminate data and information.

According to the U.S. BLS, the most popular Bachelor of IT for a Database Administrator is one in Information Management Systems. Other computer-related fields are acceptable, but information systems-oriented degree programs are preferred by employers.

The jobs covered above are merely a few examples of positions available to graduates of Bachelor of IT programs. These positions are particularly unique because they are available in a number of industries throughout business, not simply in one or two areas.


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