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Why Choose an Online MBA to Help Accelerate Your Career?

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There is a tough choice facing many business professionals as they seek to set themselves apart from the pack during tough economic times. Earning an advanced degree is a good move for the career of almost any business professional, but which degree program is going to help them accelerate their career? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a favorite among many students but there is more than just one MBA program out there to choose from.

Students can choose from traditional programs, weekend programs, and online MBA programs. Which program is the best at accelerating a business professional’s career though? The answer will vary from person to person and industry to industry. Despite that middle-of-the-road stance, there are reasons for choosing an online MBA to help accelerate a career.

Skills Traditional MBAs Don’t Always Match

Yahoo! Education recently ranked online business administration programs as one of the Top 10 degrees to earn online, anytime. An online MBA program not only provides students with a graduate level education that prepares them for upper level positions in business administration and management, they also gain skills counterparts in other programs might not.

In that piece, online educational consultant Dani Babb notes that “the online component to business is very useful. Since most of us communicate with colleagues via electronic means, the practice and real-world experience that online, instead of on-ground, students get in the classroom is a big advantage to them."


Online MBA programs allow students to attend class when it best suits their schedule. According to Yahoo! Education, an online MBA ranked second on the list of the best flexible degrees to earn online. In ranking the online MBA highly, Yahoo! Education noted that certain individuals don’t have the time it takes to complete a full-time program and move up the corporate ladder.

By pursuing an online MBA program these professionals can work and learn at the same time, accelerating their move up the corporate ladder. In some cases, students can also use that online MBA to change careers and, when matched with the right amount of experience, move into a higher position in a new industry.

Move at Your Pace

The most important benefit that online MBA programs can offer is acceleration. Individuals can continue working in their career field, earn an MBA on the side, and couple that new education with their work experience to accelerate their move into a new career.

Yahoo! Education recently ranked the online MBA number two on the list of Top Six Degrees for People with Busy Schedules. Many online MBA programs allow students to move through the coursework at their own pace, providing greater flexibility to complete assignments, tests, and other coursework when they are ready rather than when the entire class is ready.

Earning an online MBA is a great way for any business professional to accelerate their career. It is important for each individual to carefully analyze the details of any online MBA program they are considering as not all institutions and programs are the same. What might accelerate one individual’s career could prove to be a drag on the progress of another individual’s career.