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What is an MBA in Finance?

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Are you working in the financial industry and looking to move up the ladder? Or were you overlooked for a promotion because you were told you didn't have the right degree? If so, you might wonder exactly what an MBA in finance is and what you can do with it.

What Can I Learn with an MBA in Finance?

A Master of Business Administration with a specialization in finance is designed to develop business leaders and teach critical thinking, management analysis and strategy. Students who earn their MBA with a specialization in finance can gain an understanding of:

  • how to analyze financial statements and methods used to value companies;
  • derivatives and their use in risk management;
  • how to apply quantitative reasoning and analysis to business and management problems using knowledge of mathematics, statistics, finance and economics;
  • principles of quantitative and qualitative research to business cases and evaluate the quality of research presented based on these principles;
  • using knowledge of economic concepts, principles and theory to critically analyze and evaluate economic problems and opportunities; and
  • how to approach management strategically, including developing plans to improve business operations.

Along the way, students can also learn to think critically when reviewing research as well as how to analyze economic problems and opportunities.

What Can I Do with an MBA in Finance?

Students who earn their Master of Business Administration in finance could be ready for mid- to senior-level management positions. They also can be prepared to take on careers in accounting and financial planning. Moreover, the industry is growing: The number of financial analysts is projected to grow 16 percent through 2022, which is faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 13 percent in that same time period.

OK. I'm Interested. Now What?

Do your research. Consider what type of schooling will work best for you and the demands on your time and energy. Online learning might be a good option. Online schools can be a benefit to MBA students who work full-time because online courses offer more flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar schools. In addition, learning online can be a big benefit to students pursuing a master's in business administration because students and instructors in online schools can come from all over the United States, and even the world. While the MBA originated in the United States in the late 1800s, the benefits of an MBA now go beyond the U.S. borders. In fact, one of the benefits of an MBA is that the degrees are recognized by countries worldwide.

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