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AIU South Florida Hosts Library Presentation - Hannah Spivey

AIU South Florida Library Author Series presenter Hanney SpiveyAIU South Florida hosted an AIU Library Author Series presentation on Thursday, February 23rd. The featured speaker was AIU graduate and author Hannah Spivey.

Ms. Spivey released her novel, Ebony the Beloved, in July 2011, and the novel has received several high reviews from readers on Amazon and around the web.

Sharon Argov, Campus Library Director, welcomed the guests and introduced Ms. Spivey. About 30 student, staff and faculty members attended the event. The audience was very participatory and asked the author many questions about her theme, genre, style of writing, and writing method. They were also interested in the publishing, printing, and promotional aspects of writing and asked many pertinent questions throughout the evening.

Among the staff who attended were: Dr. Feinstein (Academics), Dana Williams (Career Services), Chantal May (Library) Kessle Silva and Ariane Tulloch (faculty).

We would like to thank Ms. Spivey for her time and everyone who attended this thoughtful presentation.

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