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How Schools Are Using Social Media to Support Alumni - Part 1

How Schools Use Social Media to Support Alumni | AIU

Social media now plays a vital role in keeping alumni connected with each other and their alma maters, which can be a tremendous asset for networking, fundraising and more. Check out how social media and schools often combine forces down the line to help students when they need it most:

  1. Finding Job Opportunities – LinkedIn and Twitter can be fertile ground for universities to create groups, share opportunities and allow the networking to take over. Alumni and schools can post job openings and even create subgroups that focus on specific career or regional alumni chapters.

    On LinkedIn, for example, AIU students and alumni can connect to the official school profile, as well as the official AIU Alumni Association group. Several student/alumni-created groups exist as well for specific programs and interests.

    In addition to the main AIU Twitter account, AIU also maintains three Career Services Twitter accounts for students and alumni near our U.S. ground campus locations. These accounts offer tips and advice for job hunters, as well as local job postings in the surrounding area.

    - AIU Atlanta Career Services on Twitter

    - AIU Houston Career Services on Twitter

  2. Collaboration between alumni and students – Thanks to social media, students and alumni can now connect and collaborate with one another, easing the transition of students as they head from the classroom to the world. Some schools are creating LinkedIn groups (see above), while others are going so far as to create their own social networks. AIU, for example, has created the Virtual Commons as part of the AIU Virtual Campus.
  3. Fundraising – To give you an idea of the changing technological landscape, fundraising efforts may soon be making the transition from emails to tweets. Now that smartphones are becoming the norm, schools may begin to take advantage of the immediate reach to their alumni. Facebook is already growing in popularity as a fundraising medium, and with good cause.

As social media continues to evolve and new channels rise while others fall, expect colleges and universities to continue to find ways to use social media to interact and engage with students and alumni.

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