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Which Is Best for School: Laptop or Desktop?

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Although it probably isn’t written in a rulebook, owning a computer is now all but mandatory to make it through college. If you’re at a traditional campus, doubtless you’ve seen a high percentage of the student population toting laptops around campus and using them in class to take notes (that’s what they should be doing with them, anyway). At online school, a computer becomes even more important to a student.

Laptops have a major advantage over desktops in the arena of portability, but there’s more to it than that. Are you thinking about purchasing a new computer for school? Here’s a quick breakdown of laptops and desktops:

Desktops seem to be headed toward extinction, but don’t count them out just yet. Desktops have:

  • Bigger, higher resolution monitors
  • More comfortable, ergonomically correct keyboards
  • Less likelihood of getting stolen
  • Easier navigation with the benefit of a mouse
  • More storage space and power (a big plus)

Yes, laptops suffer primarily in the storage and power departments, but their portability has made them a big and likely enduring hit over their clunkier, immobile predecessors. Most students are more than willing to give up a little performance for the ability to carry their computers with them for note-taking, sharing information and accessing information anywhere.

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