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AIU Online IT Program Chair Serves As Keynote Speaker for Annual Awards Banquet

AIU Online IT Program Chair Tanya MacNeilTanya MacNeil, AIU Online's Program Chair for the Information Technology department, was recently the keynote speaker for the Lauretta Will Educational Foundation’s Annual Academic Donor Awards Banquet.

Dr. Lauretta Will, Full-time Lecturer at AIU Online, is the founder of The Dr. Lauretta Will Educational Foundation Inc. (DLWEF). This philanthropic, non-profit organization held its annual awards banquet in Atlanta in celebration of its fourth anniversary. Supporters, volunteers, and educational resource donors are normally recognized and presented with a Global Educational Partnership Award during the banquet.

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  • The mission of the DLWEF is to gather, distribute, and disseminate educational materials, technological resources, and professional expertise to poverty-stricken inner-city and war-devastated communities.