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IT Companies vs. Companies that Use IT

IT Companies vs. Companies that Use IT If you’re pursuing an information technology degree program, there are two main professional opportunities available to you: working at a company that uses IT or working at an IT company. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Find out which opportunity fits your future goals.

IT Companies

If you want to be involved in the design and development of IT products, working at an information technology company might be the path for you. IT professionals at these companies have the opportunity to design hardware and software, sell and service products, and offer Internet services to clients. Much of the work here goes into creating technology products for sale to customers.

Companies that Use IT

While IT professionals working at companies that use information technology have many of the same skills as professionals at IT companies, there are drastic differences in everyday tasks. An IT professional at a company that simply uses IT rather than develops it works as a mediator between the employees and the company’s technology. Their days might consist of the configuration and troubleshooting of:

  • Databases
  • Networks
  • Software and hardware
  • Data manipulation

How to Decide

Now that you know the difference between IT companies vs. companies that use IT, you’re probably wondering which is best for you. Answer the following questions to take the next step toward your IT profession:

  • Do I enjoy helping others with technology, or would I prefer to work exclusively with IT?
  • Would I rather develop the newest technology or help a company implement it?
  • Am I more fulfilled by creating IT products or learning and teaching others how to use them effectively?

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