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Things You Need to Know before Applying for a Bachelor’s in IT

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Heading off to school for the first time, or returning for an advanced education, comes with a number of difficult questions. While some individuals head to school with a degree program in mind, there are many who remain on the fence about the degree that is right for them. Before any potential student enrolls in a degree program they should do some research to ensure they know more about what they’re getting themselves into.

Smartphones, tablets, and the increasing availability of wireless networks are among a number of factors that have made the field of Information Technology (IT) vital to companies around the world in the 21st century. In tough economic times, many people consider pursuing a Bachelor’s in IT to help them break into this field. Before applying, there are factors to consider before chasing a career in IT.

Which Program Fits Your Skills?

There are various Bachelor’s in IT programs available to college students, and many of them offer specializations designed to help graduates pursue particular careers. However, not every program is going to be right for each individual. Before applying for any IT program, students need to learn more about the specializations offered.

As points out, for example, a program offering MCSE certification will benefit network engineers working on Microsoft platforms, but will do little for someone interested in working as a programmer with Java.

Don’t Rush the Decision to Enroll

Those with an idea of what interests them in IT might feel the need to apply soon and get a program completed. Rushing the decision isn’t always the best idea and can leave students overwhelmed once they begin taking courses. According to, online universities can be a great source for classes that can be taken one at a time and with a much more flexible schedule than a classroom setting.

Are the Skills Provided in Demand?

Not all IT programs are equal. While they all provide a solid base of education in working with computers, networks, and software, not all of those skills are in high demand among employers. A degree that offers skills no one is looking for won’t do much for graduates in the job market. According to, there are a number of skill sets that employers are looking for among graduates in 2012.

Those skill sets include virtualization, business intelligence, and mobile app development at the top of the list, but other skills are in-demand as well. Some of those skill sets include .Net, Java, and PHP among others.

At the end of the day it is important for potential IT students to realize that the program they choose needs to be able to help them in the long run. Students should look past the hype surrounding the IT field and take time when making their decision to ensure that they enroll in a program that matches their skills and provides them with the knowledge and abilities that employers are actually looking for right now.