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What a Bachelor’s in IT Can Do for You

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The Information Technology field is one of the fastest growing segments of the American and, in fact, global economy. As companies adapt to the increasing presence of mobile technology and work to implement, sustain, and maintain computer systems and networks there is an increasing need for individuals to work in this field. Earning a Bachelor’s in IT can help graduates pursue employment in this career field.

Aside from the high demand for qualified IT individuals, what exactly will a Bachelor’s in IT do for an individual’s career? There are a number of big things that an IT degree can do for graduates possessing the right tools to succeed.

Earn it Online

A degree in Information Technology is a perfect fit for online degree providers. What better combination is there than an IT degree administered over the systems students will be studying and working with professionally down the road? Yahoo! Education ranked IT-related degrees among the top 10 degrees available online.

Not only is it beneficial to learn about the technology being used to conduct coursework, it is particularly helpful for introverted individuals. It was noted that introverted individuals tend to succeed better in online IT programs because they feel “safer” in speaking up and communicating with professors.

Career Advancement/Switch

Yahoo! Education recently ranked the IT-related degree of Network and Systems Administration as one of the top degrees for busy adults. This Bachelor’s in IT program can be earned by working professionals while not at work and provides two benefits in return. For those already working in the IT field, it may provide a boost to their chances of advancement with their current company or within the wider industry.

Secondly, it could help workers who have hit the wall in their current career combine a fresh education with prior work experience and make a jump into a different field within IT.

Earn it When You Want

For those students who cannot fit a classroom-based Bachelor’s in IT into their busy lives, an online Bachelor’s in IT may be a better option. Yahoo! Education ranks an online IT degree as one of the best degrees for individuals with a busy schedule. Students can log on when they have free time and chat with other students, ask questions through discussion forums, and complete assignments without waiting on other students or the professor.

Career Aspirations

The best feature any degree can provide a graduate is employment. With IT professionals in high demand these days, a Bachelor’s in IT makes great sense for any student with a mind for computers and the skills to work with them. Yahoo! Education ranked an IT degree as one of the top degrees leading to expanding career fields.

Graduates from IT-related programs such as Computer Science can help grads pursue employment in fields such as Software Development and Information Security Analysts. Citing the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2010-2020 job growth outlooks, Yahoo! Education found these two fields boast potential employment growth of 30% and 22% respectively.

There are many things a Bachelor’s in IT can do for the right graduate. No IT program can turn every individual into a computer whiz, but for those with a passion for computers or the ability to work with software this degree could go a long way towards improving their career aspirations.