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Top 5 AIU Videos of 2013

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With the rise of broadband connections and mobile technology, video content has become part of our daily lives. At AIU, we strive to create and share content that informs our students, graduates, and anyone interested in higher education. Take a look at our top five videos of 2013.

intellipath™, a New Adaptive Learning Platform from AIU

Last August, AIU introduced intellipath™, our adaptive learning platform that allows students to learn based on a personalized learning map and skip over what they already know. At the same time, faculty members can monitor students' progress and offer guidance in areas where they are struggling.

Where are Today's Job Opportunities? - AIU Serious Talk Webinar Series

As part of our Serious Talk webinar series, we gathered a panel of career experts and AIU alumni members to discuss where today's job opportunities are, including sectors like healthcare management, information technology, and other areas of business studies.

Seriously Successful: How to Get Ahead at AIU

In September, AIU alumni Crystal Hogue (MBA 2013) and Joe Snodgrass (BIT 2012) joined Nancy Ingve, AIU Vice President of Student Management, for a Google+ Hangout to share some tips and advice for new students pursuing an online degree for the first time.

How to Build Your Personal Brand

At the beginning of 2013, the AIU Career Services department launched an animated video about personal branding. The video explained some tips to create a personal brand to aid students and graduates in their professional networking.

Get Ahead at AIU, The Serious U

In late August, we launched a new motion graphic video explaining how students can get ahead at AIU through our personalized learning technology and specialized curriculum. This video explores what makes AIU unique in a fun and interesting way.

Video will continue to play an important role in our efforts to share AIU's story, mission, and purpose. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss out on any of our new content in 2014.