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10 Things You Should Do Before Graduation

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For many students, graduation is a day they look forward to month, or even years. You may be feeling a variety of emotions, ranging from anxiety to excitement. But now is the time to quell any worries you have about your post-graduate life by getting prepared, and you can get started with the following 10 things you should do before graduation.

Polish your resume. Now that you’re almost done with school, you can update your education information on your resume. You should also make any other necessary updates, especially if you plan on applying for jobs in the near future.

Find references. Many job applications ask for references, and if you’d like to use any of your instructors, ask them for permission to list their contact information on your applications.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Once you update your resume, make these changes to your LinkedIn profile as well. If you don’t have a profile, consider creating one—it’s a great way to network, stay in contact with classmates, and you can even show potential employers what you have to offer.

Plan for post-graduate life. The sooner you figure out what you want to do after graduation, the better. Do you plan to apply for a new job, or perhaps a promotion? Are you going to pursue a higher degree? Are you planning any other life changes, such as a move? Start preparing before you graduate so you’ll be ready to go when you finish school.

Check your graduation requirements. Even if you know you’re about to complete all of the classes needed to graduate, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Make an appointment with an advisor to go over your academic record officially.

Apply for graduation. Finishing your classes might not be enough to simply graduate. Often you may have to go through a formal process with an adviser to make sure that you qualify for graduation. If you’ve taken out loans during college, you might also have to attend an exit interview.

Double check your cap and gown. Do you plan to attend your graduation ceremony? You’ll definitely want to make sure your cap and gown is clean and ready ahead of time. Seek info on the graduation ceremony’s date and time, location and procedures so there aren't any last minute misunderstandings.

Learn about your school’s alumni association. Looking for support after graduation? Or can’t bear to leave your college community behind? Find out how you can stay involved as an alumnus.

Stay motivated. Each day is bringing you closer to graduation, but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to slack off. Maintain your routines by studying hard to keep that GPA as high as possible, and when you need extra motivation, tell yourself you’re almost done!

Say goodbye. Whether you pursued school online or on campus, you’ll want to plan your goodbyes. Decide who you want to thank and say goodbye to in person, by email, and so on.