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Businesses and Open Source Software

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Open Source Software in BusinessAre you wondering about the advantages of open source software? Why would a company want to make their programming codes accessible and changeable to everyone? Many businesses see the benefits of this modifiable software coding and use it to their advantage.

The main value of open source software is that businesses can customize software to their needs. This requires knowledge of source coding, but the opportunity to adapt software to a business’ desires outweighs the requirement of tech knowledge.

In return, the software manufacturer can analyze the source code changes made by the customer. If the software manufacturer sees improvements, he can incorporate these changes in a new version of the software. This allows for feedback and improvements only available through the transparency of open source software.

Many businesses turn to open source software because of its low cost. If a business does not require tech support from the software manufacturer, open source software is free. Even if a business needs tech support, the cost of the program is usually low.

Because open source software is free and modifiable, businesses can redistribute their edited versions of the software. Redistribution allows businesses to provide a free service to customers or other businesses. Companies turn to this democratic outlook because it encourages community and participation.

If your business wants to turn to open source software, consider these tips as you make the transfer:

  • Make sure the programs you are considering have documentation for installation and troubleshooting.
  • Do you need tech support? If so, choose software that comes with support.
  • Make a plan for how you will use the software. Does certain software fit your plan’s needs?
  • Some software provides more frequent security updates. This can be a clue to picking software that provides security fixes quickly.

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