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Who Hires People with a Bachelor in IT?

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The information technology industry continues to grow in complexity, and most every business has some level of reliance on technology []. Due to the increasing complexity of technology and systems it is also increasingly less likely that the untrained person will be capable of fixing their own technology issues.

IT Technology services are an important part of a business. Data centers, essentially massive computing and data networking locations, are on the increase in popularity. Renting a data center's server space is usually cheaper for most companies than maintaining their own network or large-scale computing system. Data center companies manage the networks and data storage for multiple clients. Data center design is complex and strict maintenance and attention to the reliability of the thousands upon thousands of server racks contained within is of highest importance. A large staff of IT personnel is required to service these centers, says the InfoWorld.

Having an IT degree does not mean you are limited to working only for large computer or data center firms. Those sorts of companies certainly maintain large IT staff, but companies without a focus on technology may still maintain an IT department. Theme parks, shopping malls, banking centers, and hosts of other business often have several dedicated IT staff. This broadens the experience of the IT professional giving them some insight into whatever type of company they work for. To this degree IT employment can be found with a wide variety of businesses. Many businesses are also including IT specialists in their upper management as they realize that technology is becoming the driving force of their industry. These so called “business-architects” go beyond basic computer repair to helping executives plan business strategies with technology in mind.

IT gurus can also have a more personal touch. The majority of the current population over fifty has only basic understanding of how to work modern electronics and almost no ability to diagnose or repair problems. A degree in IT opens up the potential to work for service companies specializing in on-demand, at-home repair and service for individuals. This is also a career option for self-employment. A few experienced IT specialists start their own computer repair and service companies.

There are also multiple newly emerging fields of work for the IT graduate.

The internet is a gigantic playground for IT graduates. A truly mind-boggling volume of information traverses the web every moment of every day. An IT grad who also enjoys his fair share of number crunching can find a position working for companies that mine the data treasures found buried online. Important customer, business, and industry statistics can be revealed by analyzing online search engine and shopping data. Some companies maintain their own internet analysis teams for their own use, and other companies specialize in obtaining and then selling this kind of information to businesses.

The explosion of social media has reached a frenzied state over the last decade. The proliferation of Facebook, Twitter, and multiple other social media outlets has given rise to a whole separate specialization within the IT field. Intense and complex networking technology lies behind website giants like Facebook. Other companies are rapidly developing their own social media systems to compete. IBM, Jive, and Yammer, just to name a few, are companies employing large numbers of IT staff dedicated to social media design and operation.

Mobile technology is a new wave of the future. This has gone way beyond the classic office network. Phones and ipads have become basically mini-computers with all the same abilities and possible technical issues. Mobile technology design and service is now a vital part of the IT field. Businesses rely on expansive networks that reach across the globe. The proliferation of wireless and satellite-based internet service is at an all-time high. The everyday consumer is a principle driving force in mobile technology. Smart phones are now just the tip of the iceberg. Tablets, eReaders, and hosts of other miniature devices are slamming the market. Since they are cheaper, smaller, and more convenient than a laptop computer they sell in much higher volumes. Specializing in either the development or maintenance of mobile technology and devices is a hot aspect of IT. Designing apps for these devices is the keystone of the field. Computer companies, phone companies, and any company related to providing internet or wireless service will hire IT grads interested and skilled in this specialization.

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