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Your First Impression Is Not What You Think

AIU Career ServicesDid you know that many employers will log onto Google and type in your name before they call you for an interview? Since this is the case, it’s important to make sure that you want them to see what they find. Remember, you cannot “unsee” something once you have seen it. Follow these tips to help keep your digital identity employer friendly.

Google Yourself

Look at the first three or four pages of your Google results to see what about you is visible to an employer. Do you see anything that could prevent an employer from calling you to set up an interview? If so, try to remove it or clean it up.

Don't just be satisfied with not being able to find anything negative. With technology being so advanced, an employer should be able to see something about you. They may think you are hiding information if this happens. Think of this as an opportunity to create your own personal brand. Develop a LinkedIn profile along with Twitter and Facebook. Put yourself out there professionally and market yourself as a potential candidate for employers. Join groups in your field of study and participate in discussions that are relevant to your industry.

Clean Up Your Social Media Persona

Make sure to go through any social media sites you belong to and check your privacy settings. Check for inappropriate language, comments, or pictures of you. Since you have accepted what is on these sites, these will be viewed as representations of you. Do you want your personal brand to be something negative? What will an employer think?

Also, if your privacy settings are set up strictly, make sure your brand is not negatively affected. In this job market, “who you know” is very important and your network could very well introduce you to someone else who may be able to help you out. Make sure it isn't impossible to find you, and that once you're found, you have presented yourself in a professional way.

AIU Career Services Advisor Samantha UrsoSamantha Urso is a Career Services Advisor at American InterContinental University.

In her role at the university, Samantha helps students and graduates in their career search through resume-building tips, mock interviews, and more.

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