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These 3 Small Details Can Have a Big Impact on How Employers Perceive You

Image: How Employers Perceive You

While certain aspects of your career search may seem small to you, they can leave a big impression on an employer. When you are searching for a new position, in everything you do, be sure to keep it professional. Here are three simple ways to maintain your professionalism.

1. Your E-mail Address

Your e-mail address is generally listed with your contact information at the beginning of your resume and is one of the first things an employer may see, so be sure that it’s professional. Generally, the most professional e-mail addresses are a variation of Remember, an employer isn’t interested in how long you may have had your current e-mail address, and they especially don’t know you well enough to understand your personality. Also, you want to avoid are using your work e-mail address, another family member’s e-mail, and listing the year of your birth within the e-mail address (i.e.

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2. Your Phone

While it may be something your friends enjoy or something that expresses your personality, your ringtone and voicemail need to remain professional. What is a professional ringtone? Having none at all. Employers do not want to have to listen to music, no matter what kind, when calling a candidate. Also, be sure your voicemail is clear and professional. Do not have music or other noise in the background. Make sure you say your name clearly, so an employer knows who they called. Finally, keep your message short. Nobody wants to sit through a long soliloquy when trying to leave a message.

3. Your Social Media Accounts

If you are active with social media, be sure that you maintain professionalism and try to clean up areas that may not portray you in the best light. Take down any comments or photos you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Google yourself to see what might come up. Many employers will be doing the same. Also, an employer can find you on Twitter by either searching your name or e-mail address. Tweets also can be saved on many third-party sites, so be careful what you tweet. Sometimes, it is good to be seen on social media sites, such as LinkedIn (but avoid these common LinkedIn mistakes). Contribute positively to conversations on related topics in your field. This can allow an employer to gain extra knowledge of your expertise.

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