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Eight Finalists Announced in AIU Voice Competition

Guest Article by Christina Bowers, Institutional Effectiveness and Communications Coordinator at AIU

On May 30th, 2012, 24 AIU Online staff members fought to win the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the AIU Online July 28th graduation ceremony at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

All those who registered for The AIU Voice competition were required to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” over the phone to five judges (whose identities will remain anonymous). While there were several tough decisions to make, the judges selected a total of eight people to move on to the final round.

The eight finalists in alphabetical order are:

  • Portland Admissions Advisor Erica Dobbins
  • Portland Admissions Advisor Steve Hays
  • Cumberland Admissions Advisor Carolyn Kalo
  • Prior Learning Assessment Evaluator Mary Miller
  • Portland Enrollment Coordinator Hayley Mousley
  • Inquiry Response Coordinator Brianna Robinson
  • Cumberland Admissions Advisor Shulon Williams
  • Cumberland Campus Director of Admissions Jennifer Yaggi

The final round of The AIU Voice competition will be held on the afternoon of June 13 at the Schaumburg Campus Support Center cafeteria (more details to come!). The Portland finalists will compete via video conference with their site giving them their full support and encouragement.

The notable judges for the final round are Vice President of Academic Support and Student Management Jen Ziegenmier, Director of Human Resources Business Consulting Randy Rakosnik and Director of Career and Student Services Betsy Balachandran.

Congratulations to the eight finalists!

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